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THE ADVERTOPIA Empowerment Experiment
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THE ADVERTOPIA Empowerment Experiment


Would $292,965 change your life?

Do you need a better way to sell your product or servcie?

With this experiment it will change it in a lot more than one. Have you ever wanted to be part of something Big? This is your chance to be part of the biggest thing to happen to mankind so far. Will you be one of the first or one of the last to take part in this powerful experiment? Will you reap your reward today or 10 years from now all the time thinking why did I wait for proof? Why did I not do what that little voice inside of me was yelling at me 10 years ago?

Do you believe in something Bigger than yourself?
No matter what you call it. Do you have a higher power?
Maybe you are not sure.

There is tons of proof in the world, scientific proof that there is a Source energy that we are all extensions of. That's right not separate but actually part of. Like your fingers are an extension of your hand; your hand an extension of your arm; your arm an extension of your body. You ARE an extension of source. That which everything that you can imagine originated from. Since humankind has walked the earth people from all corners of the earth have been saying it. How did people that never in the history of humankind even see one another draw the same exact conclusion? 2 reasons…and both…reasons prove the other. The first reason is that it is true, and because it is true we all know it somewhere in our unconscious mind. As you read what I am writing, even if it is the first time you have ever heard it, somewhere inside of you--you know it is true. The second reason is because we are all one...connected...even though people were physically separated by seas that were never crossed before they still believed the same thing. It is at the heart of every religion, and if you look you will find it. If religions are so different from one another, "How can it be at the heart of every one of them?"   Because it is true and we are all one.

Before his death Albert Einstein and 2 groups of scientists actually found Scientific proof of what we have all known at some level since the dawn of man. A powerful microscope was created that allowed men to look deeper. To look further than the atom and see more. At that moment 2 groups of scientists looked into the same microscope at the same time and each group saw 2 things. The first was that every single thing that you can see is made up of exactly the same thing:   Energy. The second thing they saw was different for both groups. You see these 2 groups were from different schools of thought. They each believed something before they ever looked inside. While they both had the belief somewhere inside that that everything was made of the same thing and they were pretty sure it was energy--now it was finally proven to them!   Each group thought something different about the first thing they saw, Energy, before they ever looked. One group believed that Energy, which was already proven to exist even though no one had ever looked at it that closely before, was made up of waves and the other group believed it was particles. They argued back and forth with each other all day. One group yelling it is waves,  and the other group saying no it is particles. Each group was dumbfounded by the other group because when each and every member of one group looked they all saw the same thing,  and when each and every member of the other group looked,  they all saw the same thing. But for each group what they saw was totally different. One group saw particles and one group saw waves. It was a very heated situation with a lot of name calling and absolute confusion. I think that it is where the expression,  "Are you gonna believe me or your lying eyes" came from.

It would seem that none of these Scientists had ever read
Wallace Wattles's book:  The Science of Getting Rich.
This book was written in 1910 and taught about a timeless truth. In that book he stated that everything is made up of formless substance and thought placed upon that substance causes it to change. To what you ask? To whatever the thinker is thinking. Now these men were all scientists and scientists of that day did not believe in a higher power--that is why they were scientists. They were trying to explain everything away to say that there is a scientific reason for
all of it.

Since we create our own reality in this world of duality based on this discovery a totally new science was born: Quantum Physics. Don't freak out I am not going to try and teach it to you, I will just sum it up for you. When they made this discovery and then started testing all their scientific theories in this microscopic world, none of the laws of normal physics worked--none of them. Rather than admitting that everything they knew up until that point was wrong, they created a new science for this new world that up until that point no one had ever seen...that Science was Quantum Physics. Am I saying that the science is wrong? No, and I am not saying it is right, but to go any further on the subject is going outside the scope of what I am trying to do here today. I am simply adding a little scientific proof to something that has been believed by many since the dawn of man.
We are all one and we are all connected to that which created us, which is how we are all one. See how the idea keeps looping back on itself?

We are all one--the same thing! What does that one thing look like to our conscious minds? It looks like Energy. What did Wallace Wattles call it in 1910?  Formless substance. What does formless substance look like to our conscious mind? Energy. What did Wallace say about formless substance? Thought placed upon it causes it to change. What did scientists who looked upon this substance say for the first time? The first Human beings to actually see it with their own eyes, what did they see when they first proved that everything was made up of exactly the same thing? They proved whether they wanted to believe it or not.   Wattles said years ago with no physical proof that this substance changes depending on who is looking. Today Science continues to prove it and continues to give it different names and different reasons for why it is so, but the fact is Wallace was right. Everything is made up of formless substance and thought placed upon that substance causes it to change to whatever the viewer wants or believes it to be.

So what does that all mean? It means that you are Source Energy and there is nothing that you cannot do, be, or have.  Whatever you believe is true comes from your point of consciousness. If you believe you will be rich, poor, sick, lucky etc...whatever you believe you will have. No one can do anything to you that you do not allow to happen to you. They only do what you believe that they do to you believe it. You...and control your point of consciousness. You are here living in it by your choice and your will alone or your point of consciousness would not exist.

My point of consciousness, like so many others, would like to show other points of consciousness just how amazing they really are because I have found that once you discover this and rediscover it--it drives you to share it with others to help end their needless suffering and bring them endless joy.

For over 8 years I have worked online.  In my very first month I spent my time trying to empower others. To date, I believe I personally know more people than any person living today, and I have helped so many people around the world find success in their lives that it only drives me to do more. I have an endless thirst to bring every single person that I come in contact with into the light of their true potential-- and greatness--and out of that desire the Advertopia Empowerment experiment was born.

Do you want to be part of something huge?

Here are the rules.

You are NOT allowed to spend any time thinking about what you don't have or don't want.

You ARE allowed to spend as much time thinking about what you do want and being grateful for what you do have.
This experiment will yield you at least $292,965.

I will not tell you more than you need to know for this experiment and I will not spend any time explaining how it is possible that this will work as I have already done that by explaining that there is nothing that you cannot do, be or have.

So..if you want $292,965...then follow me.

How long will it take you? That depends on you. I would say a minimum of 4 hours...that is logical to my point of consciousness. Let me explain:   30 for me to send an email and 30 minutes for each person to receive it and repeat the process would take 4 hours. It could take a lot less or it could take a lot you see...I only control my point of consciousness. It is only limited by my personal beliefs and it is an experiment so by definition we don't know any of the answers to the questions like,  "How much will I make" and "How long will it take" don't quit...until you have at least...$292,965. Don't think about why it can't work.   It is that kind of thinking that got you to the point of desiring
to make $292,965.   Just do it.

Follow what I do...exactly what I do. I will send you things to do and create websites so that you can follow me exactly. I have done greater things than what I am telling you--you can do this--and if I can do it---so can you. You are only a small part of the big picture. We are making history here. If you don't want to do it then just delete this email. You will get it again many times from others and if you don't want to do it then go ahead and delete those too. I am not saying that this will be seen by every living person on earth but I am saying that if you are reading this you will see it again.

So go ahead and delete it if you feel the need to.

Step one: Go here Check your sponsor before you upgrade it should read Walter Looney
Step two: Sign up

Step three: Pay the one-time $24. If you don't have $24 to spend then take an hour a day thinking and visualizing you have the $24. Only think good things about it. Whenever you think about it say to yourself,  "Thank you for my money".  Once you have paid send an email to: with AEE in the subject line.   This will allow me to send you any new letters or websites that I make that will help you.

Step four: Change the link in this letter to yours.

Step five: Send this email to everyone who emails you--even spammers. Spend time every day sending this email to someone and whenever you think about it say to yourself "Thank you for my money".   Keep doing it until you have at least $292,965

The final step:   This is the most important step and the only one that actually matters. Believe that this will work and believe that you will get $292,965. Believe that you can have it. If you do--you will. In fact, none of the other steps matter at all;  they are just there because the masses need them to believe and for this to work you need to believe.  You can't win the Lottery if you don't buy a ticket? Yes, but how hard would it be for you to do the all important steps if you never bought a ticket. You see, it is never what we do that make things happen, it is believing that makes them happen. We do the things that we do because we believe that they are necessary and if we believe something is necessary for something to happen..and we don't do that thing...then we believe that it won't happen at some level. It is just easier to buy the lottery ticket than it is to believe you will win without buying one.

You are going to find at least 5 people to participate in this
process. Where will they come from? Don't worry about that
just believe that they will…and they will come. You may look at this and say this has been done a million times before and has never worked. That is not true. Yes, people have joined a program, paid the price and mailed it on to others, but Most did not believe it would work, and even if they...believed it...they did not..believe that they would find 5 others who did...or that they would. You see, I want you to believe in the experiment. I want you to believe that you can do this--there is nothing that you cannot do, have or be. I want you to be excited about this experiment and what it will mean to us all. That is so powerful because for every single point of consciousness that we bring into this the stronger it becomes, the more powerful it is, and the faster it happens for each of us! That is the big difference--between what has been done before--and what we are doing now!

So where did I come up with that number?  $292,965.  
You will be paid $3 for your 5 and their 5 and theirs down 5 levels. Some like me will get a lot more than 5 and some in your downline with a faith like mine will do the same thing. 

That is why I say $292,965 or more.

5     = 15
25    = 75
125   = 375
625   = 1,875
3125  = 9,375
15625 = 46,875
78125 = 234,375

$292,965   At this point in your life you may not believe enough in yourself so you might just try believing in the Experiment and not that you could have $292,965.  The Experiment will work either you can end up with at least..$292,965.
Let's make History!  
Your Partner in History,
Jennie Menn
Founder of Advertopia  




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